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energy efficient, low carbon heating for a

sustainable future

Foggy Forest

At Low Carbon Heating Ltd we supply, install, service, maintain and repair, air source heating systems, as well as the more traditional heating and plumbing services, and the supply and installation of air conditioning units.  

Energy efficient, low carbon heating is transforming the way we heat our homes - not only is it far more efficient and economical, but it also provides an extremely viable and sustainable alternative to help reduce our carbon footprint - something we are all increasingly aware of.  

Making conscious change now not only protects our future, but that of our future generations to come

Air source heat pumps provide an renewable energy source, enabling you to generate your own renewable heat and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature - they can even earn you money under the Government Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) Scheme. 

Whether you are looking to update or replace your current heating system, have a self-build project or are an architect designing new builds, we can help you towards a clean, green, future.  

To discuss your requirements or for more information about low carbon, air source heating, please contact us. 


30+ years Heating & Plumbing Experience


Fully Qualified & Accredited

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