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Air Source Heat Pumps for a clean, green future

Heating and Hot Water

Providing an efficient, renewable energy heating solution, air source heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular 

As the main cause of climate change, fossil fuels including oil, gas, and coal all release carbon dioxide when burned.

Many are still relying on gas and oil to heat their homes, but air sourced heating provides offer a far better, cleaner, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective alternative, that will soon replace these out-dated systems, which are no longer a viable solution.

Relatively simple to install, air source heat pumps operate like a fridge, but in reverse...

Outside air is pumped across coils that are filled with a refrigerant. This generates heated gases that heat water to a high temperature, sufficiently and efficiently, to provide your home with hot running water and comfortable heating, via radiators or underfloor heating. 


Take Control

As technology becomes more advanced, many heat sources can be managed via an app on your mobile phone, tablet, smart tv and devices such as Alexa or Bixby. 

Once your personalised your settings are in place, you will very rarely need them and you can monitor your energy consumption on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

By using well-known and trusted brands such as Samsung, Mitsubishi and Daikin you can rest assured that the technology is from a reliable source. 

Full Service

Not only do we supply and install, but we also offer full service, maintenance and repair services to keep your air source heating, and traditional heating solutions, running smoothly, efficiently and economically. 

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Home Comforts

Air conditioning is becoming more and more popular as a residential heating source; keeping our homes at a comfortable temperature all year round - cooler in the Summer,  warmer in the Winter.

With the quantity of rooms, their shape and size all being key considerations when choosing your preferred options, it's also important to find a solution that you find aesthetically pleasing for your home. 

As qualified engineers, we can advise, supply and install high-quality, energy-efficient units to best suit your specific needs and requirements.

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